• Service Delivery Process Manager 1

    Owned Company:zhejiangdunanartificialenvironmentco.,ltd

    Work Place:Hangzhou


    As a process manager in the field of service delivery, it supports the transformation and optimization of service delivery business domain management, and provides management methodologies and tools for the grooming of business processes.

    Responsible for the process planning and architecture design of the headquarters service delivery area, promote and organize process development, piloting, implementation and process performance evaluation.

    Match business processes, promote the construction and landing of service delivery line process organization.

    Assist various industries/subsidiaries in process adaptation and training.

    Bachelor degree or above, with more than 5 years experience in service delivery project management and process management for group companies.

    He has experience in service project sales, service project delivery, feasibility evaluation of overall project delivery, service quotation, and quantification of risk assumptions.

    With project team resources management, project plan development and implementation, project transfer, project closure and other full-process project management experience, with project budget, procurement, integration, duration, cost, scope, planning, quality and other comprehensive project management capabilities.

    With subcontractor certification, task management, performance management and other experience;

    It has the project practice of group company's business transformation and optimization, process sorting, and strong project management and communication and coordination capabilities.

    PMP authentication priority