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    DunAn Energy Saving- China’s green energy-saving heating supply leader

    Based on the strong fund, technology and advanced products of DunAn Environment, DunAn Energy Saving has successfully invested more than 20 projects that have achieved good operation management in China, with more than 10 billion yuan contract value. Our renewable energy projects are located in Hebei, Henan, Liaoning, Shandong, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and autonomous regions. DunAn Energy Saving has been awarded as high-tech enterprise, the most potential enterprise of China's energy-saving services industry, top 10 in best customer satisfaction for China's energy-saving services industry, 1st prize in contribution award of 2015 energy saving and emission reduction enterprises, comprehensive ability level 5 (highest) of energy conservation service company, credit rating level AAA (highest) from China energy conservation association.

    Stick to technology innovation and always in the forefront "energy-saving heating"

    DunAn Energy Saving has a powerful technology innovation team consisted of doctor, master and of experts. Relying on strong technical support from DunAn Environment (with state-level enterprise technology center, national postdoctoral workstation, national laboratory (CNAS) and national performance testing center), DunAn Energy Saving keeps a world leading position in the field of renewable energy central heating.

    Exclusive Technology:

    (1) Integrated heating system design, operation regulation and energy saving reconstruction technology

    (2) Optimal operation of absorptive heat pump technology

    (3) Multi heat source integration technology for thermal power, industrial waste heat, abandon wind power, gas-fired boiler and others

    (4) Long-distance waste heat conveying technology

    (5) Optimal operation technology of sewage, ground and air source, electric heat pump etc.

    (6) CO₂ heat pump system production and heating technology

    Four key strengths to guarantee green energy-saving heating

    1. Leading energy-saving heating technology

    National high-tech enterprise, academician workstation, technology center in Tianjin, etc.

    DunAn has a strong technology innovation team and also works along with Zhejiang university, Shanghai jiaotong university, Tianjin university, China Zhongyuan Designing Institute and other research institutes. We also cooperate with well-known multinational companies to ensure the advancement of heating energy saving concept, heating technology research and systematic integration heating.

    2. Good ability of investment and financing

    Based on DunAn Environment’s strong economic strength and financing platform, DunAn Energy Saving adopt the "asset securitization" innovative financing mode.

    3.Advanced operation and management ability

    By optimizing management style, we implement full networking system and information platform to realize full control of the market, which is highly efficient and helps to increase customer satisfaction rate.

    4. Comprehensive integrated services

    Through a variety of business models, DunAn provides leading comprehensive integrated services which combine "planning, design, investment, construction, operation, management and transformation" . At the same time we provide the society with more modern, intelligent, systematic green heating and regional energy solutions.

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