• Company Profile

    Zhejiang DUNAN Artificial Environment co., LTD was founded in 1987, was listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in 2004 (hereinafter referred to as DUNAN environment, stock code 002011), main business covers components manufacturing (residential and commercial air conditioning, heat pump, refrigeration, industrial areas such as refrigeration and control components products), equipment manufacturing, commercial air conditioning and nuclear power, clean and rail transit in areas such as special air conditioning and electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, nuclear power and other fields with compressor, blower, fan, etc), intelligent manufacturing (sensors, robot, intelligent control components, etc.), new energy vehicle thermal management system, energy saving and core components and etc. The company takes "leader of health and comfortable environment" as the vision, "improve energy efficiency, optimize the environment" as the mission, "leading technology and efficiency, internationalization" as main direction, contineously promote sustainable development ability by combining denotative development and connotative growth.

    Company actively conducts the transformation to high-end and intelligent equipment manufacturing. Successfully get into nuclear power in HVAC field, is currently one of the core suppliers that has the most complete nuclear power HVAC products and the most advanced technology; Global layout of "intelligent control components + sensor+ robot" intelligent manufacture industry, leading relevant international core technology;

    Focus on the development of new energy vehicle thermal management system and core parts, strive to develop new energy automobile compressor, microchannel heat exchanger, flow control, sensors, such as core components of a complete product line, form the whole design and manufacturing capabilities in new energy vehicle thermal management system.

    Company is global leader in the field of refrigeration parts; The first Chinese company having independent intellectual property rights produces nuclear grade chiller for the nuclear power plant, one of the two companies has domestic possess nuclear hvac system total package qualification and practical performance; The manufactor of world's first sets national demonstration project supercritical white horse power plant 600 mw circulating fluidized bed supporting dedicated fan; One of the most influential energy saving service brand in China. Has 39 subsidiaries, including 8 overseas companies, in the United States, Japan, Thailand and other countries has R&D centers and manufacturing factories, the distribution area covers more than 20 provinces and cities in North America, South America, Europe, east Asia, southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.


    • 1987

      DunAn predecessor—Zhejiang Zhuji Diankou Zhenxing Spring Factory established

    • 1990

      Zhuji Light Machinery Factory established (1992 entered into refrigeration fitting industry)

    • 1995

      Zhejiang DunAn Machinery Co., Ltd established

    • 1998

      DunAn entered into central air-conditioning field

    • 2003

      Provincial Postdoctoral Research Workstation established (upgraded to national level in 2008)

    • 2004

      DunAn Environment (002011) went public on ShenZhen Stock Exchange

    • 2007

      Completed directed acquisition of DunAn Precision Refrigeration Fittings via private placement and achieved overall listing of DunAn’s refrigeration business.

    • 2008

      "DunAn" was named as "China Famous Brand"

    • 2009

      Became the first domestic manufacturer equipped with nuclear water chiller system for nuclear power station

    • 2010

      Marched into renewable resource and energy saving business

    • 2011

      Acquired Microstaq Co. Ltd in USA

    • 2012

      DunAn Environment was granted "National Quality Award"

    • 2012

      Obtained the HVAC turnkey contract for Jiangsu Nuclear station

    • 2013

      DunAn Energy won "2012 The Most Growth Enterprises of Energy Conservation Service Industry in China”

    • 2014

      Marched into MEMS pressure sensor industry

    • 2014

      Micro channel heat exchanger project won the second prize of the national progress award in S&T

    • 2015

      Invested on AUBO Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. and stepped into the area of human-computer collaborative robot

    • 2015

      Strategic acquisition of Jinglei Electric Appliance, entering new energy thermal management system

    • 2015

      Accelerated overseas expansion by establishing heat exchanger and tubes production base in Tennessee U.S.A

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    Global DUNAN

    The North America

    In 2006, DunAn Precision Industry (U.S.) Co., Ltd. was established;
    In 2011, as an entry point to silicon-control micro-electronic field, U.S. Microstaq, Inc. was acquired by DunAn ;
    In 2014, U.S. MICROLOX TECHNOLOGY. INC. was acquired by DunAn to enter sensor field;
    In 2015, DunAn U.S. Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in Tennessee, and its first-phase project was mainly about a heat exchanger and tube production base, which is a DunAn U.S. manufacturing center to radiate north and south America markets.


    In 2007, DunAn (Thailand) Metal Co., Ltd. was established.


    In 2014, Japan DunAn International Inc. was established.


    In 2016, DunAn Korea Inc. was established.


    In 2015, DunAn International (Europe) Co., Ltd. was established.

    Subsidiaries (branches) , R & D bases and production bases in U.S.A, Japan and Thailand;

    Sales markets in North America, South America, Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions


    Strength List

    National Quality Award

    China Famous Brand

    Zhejiang Governmental Quality Award

    Energy saving-ten major contributive enterprises

    China’s first to have 1st grade qualification of air purification special engineering

    Innovation List

    National Innovative Pilot Enterprise

    Second Prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress

    National-recognized Enterprise Technology Center

    National Postdoctoral Research Workstation

    Academician Workstation

    National Intellectual Property Pilot Company


    Innovation System

    Focus on Innovation by encouraging research and tolerating failure Set R&D investment according to sales revenue by precentage Annual evaluation on input and output efficiency

    Innovation Incentive

    Merit Prize for Innovation, Prize Amount: 1 Million to 10 Million RMB
    Prize for Innovation Contribution, Prize Amount: 100k to 1 Million RMB

    Talent Training

    “521”Talent Project, DunAn Business School cooperation with famous high education institutions, E-learning platform, Comprehensive training system



    Sunshine:Positive culture is from positive quality

    Make sure :(1)Make sure operation consist with regulation(2)Make sure to deliver good quality product to customer timely(3)Make sure to pay payables timely

    Management Forum: Chief officer’s involvement in a regular manner;goal alliance and conduct regulation

    Communication:President mailbox、Meeting with employees、Constructive suggestion management system

    Thoroughly implement :Quality、Environment、Career health management


    Develop:Both for the Company and individuals

    “Energy Saving、Low Carbon Dioxide and Environmental friendly ”

    Comprehensive Training System

    3 Channels for Career Development(Operation, Management, Technology)

    Co-development with the whole supply chain


    Share:Share Interest, ability, resource, and warm

    “4 High”Strategy for Intelligent:High Quality、High Sense of Responsibility、High Contribution、High Remuneration

    Competitive Remuneration: In industry and in region

    High incentives:Merit Prize for Innovation 、Prize for Innovation Contribution

    Variance Incentive method:Bonus for exceeding, Bonus for New Product、Program Bonus